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Packaging is an all-encompassing industry term for the technology and design work going into protecting or enclosing every sort of product destined for storage, shipping and sale. Packaging also takes in the product manufacturer’s marketing efforts. For leading manufacturers, the way they package their products signifies their brand. They view packaging as an essential part of their business model. That’s next to producing an excellent product, of course.

Every industry has megatrends. That means overall changes in the marketplace that affect manufacturers’ product placement and presentation. At the forefront of today’s market change from brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce is a definite swing in how every type of product is getting packaged, labeled and offered for sale.


7 Packaging Machines Used Throughout the World

  • - Labeling Machines
  • - Tape Machines
  • - Conveyors
  • - Filling Machines
  • - Sealers
  • - Strapping/Bundling Machines
  • - Stretch Wrapping Machines

Our Packaging Services

Packaging machines are used to package products or components. This product area includes equipment that forms, fills, seals, wraps, cleans, and packages at different levels of automation.

Applications for packaging machinery include: automotive, chemical and petrochemical, cosmetics and perfumery, electronics and semiconductor, food and food service, garment, household product, medical, military, music, video and software, pharmaceutical, stationary and tobacco.

There are many different types of packaging machines. Suppliers that provide integration services can help customers integrate new equipment into existing production lines or help set up equipment and train employees. Common packaging machine types include: accumulators batching machinery, bagging machinery, banding machinery, or sleeving machinery, box making machinery, bundling machinery, capping machinery, cartoning machinery and closing machinery

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